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How to Add Directors to a Corporation

1.Determine whether the required number of directors for your corporation is stated in...

2. Propose at the next regular meeting of the board of directors to add to the number...

3. Obtain the shareholders' approval to amend the articles or bylaws to add to the number...


All companies are required to keep records of members meetings & resolutions as well as directors meeting & resolutions. These are held internally by the company in what's referred to as the minute book. You can buy bound minute books, or blank minute pages, from legal stationers. However there's no requirement to use these just typing up your own on blank paper will suffice.

Register of Directors
The Companies Act requires you keep a record of all directors of the company (current as well as past). This should include:

1) Current Name
2) Former Name (if any)
3) Service Address
4) Usual place of residency
5) Nationality
6) Business Occupation
7) Date of Birth

Register of Directors' Residential Addresses
again required by the Companies Act. This should include for each director:
1. Current name
2. Residential address

Again it's also good practice to include their date of appointment and when applicable their date of cessation. You can either purchase a blank Register of Directors' Residential Addresses from legal stationers or create your own. The register is kept and maintained by the Company and is not filed at Companies House.
You might want to consider purchasing a whole set of company registers as well as the above the company is also required to keep:
1. Register of members
2. Register of secretaries (if applicable)
3. Register of mortgages & charges (if applicable)

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