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A provident fund is a compulsory, government-managed retirement savings scheme used in Singapore, India, and other developing countries. In some ways, these funds resemble a hybrid of the 401(k) plans and Social Security used in the United States. They also share some traits with employer-provided pension funds.

Workers give a portion of their salaries to the provident fund and employers must contribute on behalf of their employees. The money in the fund is then held and managed by the government, and eventually withdrawn by retirees or, in certain countries, their surviving families. In some cases, the fund also pays out to the disabled who cannot work.

How a Provident Fund Works

The money held in private savings accounts continues to grow in many developing countries, but it's still rarely enough to provide most families with a comfortable life in retirement.

The challenge of retirement has been further deepened by social change. Societies in the developing world are still catching up with the rapid rise of industrialization, the movement of citizens from rural areas to urban centers, and changing family structures. In traditional societies, for example, the elderly were provided for by their extended families. But declining birth rates, widely dispersed family members, and longer life expectancies have made it more difficult to sustain this age-old safety net.





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