Section 8 Company

Ø Register a Section 8 Company(NPO/NGO)

We appreciate your perfect choice made for registering section 8 companies! On the other hand, the section 8 company registration itself is a perfect choice for setting up Non-Governmental Organizations & NPOs Non-Profit Organizations.

Being contiguous, at Leading File; our experts provide the complete solution for the incorporation of a not for profit section 8 company and obtaining section 8 company license.

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Getting back to the topic that is Section 8 Company. At present, you must be thinking of: what is section 8 companies and what for the section 8 company registrations in India is done? Let’s get cracked –

Definition  “A company named under the section 8-(1)(a), (b) and (c) of the Indian companies act, 2013, often established for encouraging ‘commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, development, social welfare, charity, etc,’ is known to be a section 8 company. “It’s a great time for entrepreneurs to take their firms to the next level with our section 8 company registration services. Let’s get engaged with the same –
Indexing your section 8 company along with Leading File will allot you the following commodity; which are as follows:

·         Company Pan Card

·         Company Name Research & Approval

·         MoA + AoA – Approval

·         DSC+ DIN Of ‘2’ Partners & Directors

The key benefits of a section 8 company registration are illustrated as follows:

1.    No Title Required

2.    Stamp Duty Not Payable

3.    No Minimum Capital Requirement

4.    Credible Than ‘Trust or Society’

5.    Transferability

6.    Tax Exemption


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